Steven Hill

Steven has come a long way from Round Rock, Tx.  In 2002, as a senior at Texas State University, Steven was cast as a member of Mtv’s Real World Las Vegas.  Since his stint in Vegas, Steven has dedicated his life to health and fitness. For over a decade, Steven has been a certified personal trainer, class instructor, as well as the manager of some of Los Angeles’s top fitness facilities.  With Steven’s love of H.I.I.T. and his friendly and inspiring style of instructing, he found his way to opening his own fitness facility, HIIT House LA. When not teaching at HIIT House LA, Steven is a licensed real estate agent and enjoys spending time with his 10 year old son, Riley.  For the record, Riley has yet to buy a house from Steven.


Kinsey Diment

Legend has it that Kinsey was born and raised in the rolling isles of Milwaukee, MN (haven’t heard of it? — Steven is pretty sure it exists). She was the daughter of a peanut farmer and the infamous Raggedy Ann. Growing up in her mother’s shadow, albeit tiny shadow, was never easy for Kinsey; but as she grew she discovered there was one thing she had that her mother never would, muscles. It was then that Kinsey’s love of fitness developed and grew. She took her craft to LA where she learned teaching fitness to living breathing humans was far more rewarding than the motionless peanuts she had trained in the years prior. She got certified, and has never looked back. She loved it so much, she decided to help open this here studio!

When not teaching at HIIT House LA Kinsey can be found running in circles outside, singing with her 5 pound chihuahua Potato Chip, and writing bios that may or may not be real life.


Madi Chilcott

A native to Buffalo, NY, she grew up dancing on Tremaine Dance Conventions. Madi assisted the faculty for three years while on the Tremaine Performance Program and has danced with Janet Jackson in concert. Lover of fitness and movement since she was even smaller than she is now; and when you’re in her class, you’ll love it too!

…and we found her at a bar *don’t ask*


Aaron Marcotte

Aaron Marcotte is a NASM Certified personal trainer with emphasis on Strength and Conditioning, Injury Prevention and Correction, Competition Preparation Building, and Weight Loss.  Aaron has worked all over Los Angeles for cutting-edge fitness brands including Equinox, Flywheel, and Barry’s Bootcamp, and is very excited to be joining HIIT House. Aaron has created, and developed workout programming for high-end boutique fitness studios all over the world, in many modalities including Cycling, HIIT, Pilates, Barre, Bootcamp, and Competition Programming for Athletes.  Aaron also holds certification in Pilates, TRX, Kettlebells, Nutrition Coaching, and Massage.

@Aaronmarcotte (NSFW)

Julius Ramos

Julius is a Texas native who recently moved to Los Angeles after having lived in Miami for 10 years. His love for fitness began in high school with cross-country running. Julius has successfully run several marathons, but his true love is high-intensity interval training. The variety of exercises and ability to incorporate many functional movements is a great way to achieve maximum impact in the shortest amount of time. A lover of all music genres, Julius puts together upbeat playlists that creates a fun, motivating environment where individuals feel positive and leave stronger and more accomplished than when they arrived.


Zach Engel

Favorite Movie: Billy Madison

Favorite Food: Pizza

Favorite Sport: Hockey

Bases. Covered.


Aaron Munar

Origin unknown.

(But we’re pretty sure he’s at least half caffeine pill…)